Affordable rates for businesses of all sizes.

The Options

Video Only

 Have you already written your own script or do you have a copywriter who can (and has) sold ice to an Eskimo? This option is your best bet!

Starting at $100/minute

Repurpose Content

Do you already have some blog posts, podcast episodes, or some other existing content you would like turned into a video? We’ll polish your content, edit it to work well in a video format, and take care of everything from there. 

Starting at $150/minute

Done For You

 Don’t have enough time to do anything yourself? Let us simplify your life! Provide us with an idea (or even a goal) and we’ll do everything from research to script writing, to the voiceover, to making it all work well in a video format.

Starting at $200/minute

Each plan includes:

A Professional Quality Voiceover

Get a professional voiceover with an accent of your choice to make it easy for your audience to relate to your video. British male? Australian female? Anything is doable. 

Unlimited Video Revisions

Animated video is a creative process so we won’t create the perfect video the first time, every time. Unlimited edits guarantee that you get exactly what you wanted no matter how many attempts it takes.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re unhappy with the video, the customer service, or anything else, email us and we’ll refund you all of your money back!

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